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Service - above and below surface

Commercial diving, tug operations, barge operations - off-grid professional assistance

Polar Dive performs underwater contracting, towing, ice-breaking, as well as ad-hoc tasks on and below the surface.

See list of references for previous engagements.

Polar Dive maintains a variety of DMA and/or class approved vessels for various assignments. 

Polar Dive services


Winter is tough, but our vessels are operational all year.

Maritime solutions

Combine different type of solutions in one company - barging, diving and tug operations possible in one stroke.

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SCUBA and SSD (Surface Supplied Diving) operations performed.

Wide network

We maintain a wide network of land-based companies - we are happy to point you in the right direction.

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The right tools is half the work. We manage a large set of tools for our maritime operations.

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Polar Dive have experience in basic harbour maintenance.

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“Polar Dive is happy, when the customer is happy”

Peter Rosvig



Would you like to know more?

Any questions, wondering about a solution or just a prize? Don't hesitate to contact Polar Dive - we are happy to assist in any way we can.

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