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About Polar Dive

Est. 2016, locally owned – Greenlandic heritage. Started as 100% commercial diving oriented – full scale. Surface supplied, heavy duty tools to accommodate every need. Divers, both IDSA and IMCA certified – Surface supplied.


2017-2019: Extensive work on all kinds of harbour constructions in Greenland. From steel qays to tropic tree constructions.

2018: Dive support on luxury yacht. Docking of same on Combi Dock One. Class surveys on a variety of vessels in Greenland waters – both DNV and BV, including Royal Danish Navy vessels.

2019: Expanded wit ice class tug and large 800 tons design load barge for off-the-grid coast operations

2016: Established.


2017, dive assistance regarding:

  • The construction of new atlantic harbour in Nuuk.

  • Removal and replacement of fresh water pipes in Paamiut lake.

  • Condition reports of several harbour fascilities on the coast of Greenland

  • Anode replacement in Qasigiannguit harbour – cutting and welding.


2018, dive assistance regarding:

  • DNV surveys of various vessels, Royal Arctic Line,

  • Medium-heavy work on harbour facilities, northern Greenland – cutting, welding, high-pressure waterjetting.

  • Medium-heavy work on greenheart qay in Southern Greenland – cleaning, high-pressure watterjetting, hydraulic tools for mounting.

  • Class-society related yacht salvage. Assisted in placing yacht in mobile drydock.


2019, dive assistance regarding:

  • Class survey - harbour repair - trawler hull repair, ice damage.

  • expanded with classed 1500 hp ice class tug and 800 t design load barge, fully equipped with ramps and mobile crane support.


  • Barge operations, west Greenland from Upernavik to Qaqortoq.

  • Assisting as diving company on quay enlargement, Uummannaq.

  • Salvage of M/TR Narluneq - 100 feet steel long-line trawler.

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